Text Box: Water Spitting Accent Lights - Beautiful Faux Crystal Color Changing Butterflies, Dragonflies,
 and Hummingbirds with Spitter Nozzles for Unique Water Garden Accent Lighting

 SprinkLites(TM) LOGOWater Spitting Accent Lights for Water Gardens Pools and Ponds.
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Water Sprinkling Accent Lights for Landscape Lighting and Gardens!

Dry they are Color Changing Indoor Sculptured Accent Lights or Lock Color� for Special Occasions.


The AWARD WINNING Patented SprinkLites� are great for Creating Unique Landscape Lighting Fantasy Ornamental Garden Environments. When used Dry the color changing lights are perfect for Dramatic Accent Lighted Floral Bouquets in Commercial Locations and Merchandising Displays. The Faux Crystal Sculptured Hummingbird Spitters, Butterfly Spitters, and Dragonfly Spitters can be Unique Clustered Accent Lighting Grouped Indoors with Live Tropical Plants or Placed Outdoors as Accent Lights for Patios, and Deck lights even Accent lighting a Hanging Basket, Faux Crystal Sculptures concealing a Cooling Mister, or� fabulous color changing Sprinkler System for Atriums and Water Spitters around Pools, Ponds or Water Features.


With its numerous uses, Sprinklites� will delight home owners everywhere!


Choose from six faux crystal sculptured accent lights, in the shape of butterflies, dragonflies, and hummingbirds, create a fantastic display of lights, both indoors and out! Award winning sprinkle lights are the perfect gift idea for the new home owner. Embellish a walk way, brighten a garden or add soft d�cor accent lighting to a living room or lobby.�


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Ornamental Garden Sprinkler System or Water Spitting Accent Lights

 Exquisite Clear Faux Crystal Sculptures of Hummingbirds Butterflies & Dragonflies

 Water Saving Micro-Irrigation System

 Compatible With all 1/4� Micro Irrigation Systems Misters Drippers & Sprayers

 Pre Assembled Symmetrical pressure reducing Irrigation System

 Infinite Sprinkler System Adjustment with Bendable Stainless Supports

 Exact Water Placement for Water Conservation Efficiency

 Adjust Spray Heads from Ground Level to 36� or Higher with extensions

 Water Spray directed down for Minimal Overspray

 Sprinkler System Output 30 GPH with 6 Heads at 25psi

 Use a recirculation Pump to Create Lighted Water Spitters for Pools Koi Ponds,
��������� Waterfeatures and Unique Landscapes.

 Create Decorative Plant Watering Systems for Hotel Atriums and Lobbies

 Energy Saving LED Accent Lighting System uses less than 1.5 watts

 Very Low Voltage Lighting system 4.5VDC UL Outdoor Rated Transformer

 Rain Tight bi-pin Low Voltage Connection System

 Automatic On Off operation Dusk to Dawn

 Optional Solar Power Packs

 Group or Cluster Accent Lights on one Support

 Beautiful Clustered Lighting effects

 Great for Decorating an Arbor Trellis or divider with Brilliant Glowing
��������� Hummingbirds Butterflies or Dragonflies

 Create a Tropical Dreamscape with Color Changing Dragonfly Accent Lights

 String Multiple Garden Accent Lighting Systems together

 Universal Mounting System for:
���������� Tree Lights - Umbrella Lights - Clustered in Shrubs� -� Accent Landscape Features

Hotels Restaurants Clubs and Bars we can make custom Accent Lights.


SprinkLites� (Sprinkle Lights)

���������� Brilliant Microprocessor Controlled Slow Color Changing RGB LED�s reflected into the magic �TubeOLite� creating a beautiful mood lighting effect. The whole Faux Crystal Clear Sculpture glows brightly and the Hummingbirds, Butterflies, & Dragonflies can be used indoors for unique Accent Lighting effects.

���������� Outdoors, Mister nozzles can be placed into the ends of the water tubes and the SprinkLites� become cooling misters with Unique Lighting. Any �� irrigation components can be used, to create a beautiful sprinkler system, or the lights can be connected to a recirculation pump for unique color changing spitters around Water Features, Koi Ponds, Waterfalls and Fountains. The existing stakes will support the sprinkler system and Lights, or the slots on the control module can be used to mount the Accent Lights to a tree, branch, umbrella post or pole. At night the Lighted Sculptured Shapes are clearly visible from more than 100 ft away, not points of light but brilliant Glowing Hummingbirds, Beautiful color changing Butterflies, and Dynamic Dragonflies that seem to hover in the darkness of night.


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Each SprinkLites� 6 piece Faux Crystal Spitter Light Kit Contains:


  2 HummingbirdLites� Color Changing LED Hummingbird Lights

  2 DragonflyLites� Color Changing LED Dragonfly Lights

  2 ButterflyLites�� Color Changing LED Butterfly Lights

(All 6 pieces 1 Design Special Order)


Complete Energy Conservation Very Low Voltage Lighting System.

����������� Electrical distribution lines

  1 UL Approved Outdoor Rated Transformer: 120VAC input� 4.5VDC 300ma

  1 Main Line 18� with Dusk to Dawn Auto Light Sensor.

  1 Multi tap distribution line with 6 rain tight sealed Low Voltage Outlets,

������������ Expansion connectors to daisy chain systems.

  6 Control Wires from Tap Line to LED Color Control Module

�������������� With Rain Tight bi-pin Male Connectors.

  6 Steel Support Stakes 2 piece 12� to 24� Height with cap screw.


Complete pre-assembled Water Conserving ��� Irrigation System or Spitters

 6 outlet ports in a pressure reduction symmetrical system 15gph.

 6 Clear 1/4�Irrigation Tubes 3� long for Water Distribution System.

 2 Water Streaming Nozzles.

 4 Water Spraying Nozzles.

 Spitter Nozzle Kit with Clear Spitter Nozzles.

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